Covid-19 Process

Real Estate Process during Covid-19

We are now operating. This page has daily updates on our process, how we keep our buyers and sellers safe, and the updated laws for ECQ/GCQ in the Philippines.

Welcome to RE/MAX Gold. This is our first blog post, and a heck of a time to start a real estate brokerage! We hope you and your family are remaining cautious and healthy. Long story short, the show must go on. Families and investors need to buy and sell real estate right now, and we’ve outlined exactly how to proceed during these times.

This post will be updated weekly as news and government quarantine status updates.

Laws & Areas under ECQ & GCQ:

Here is the official PH gov’t site for Covid:

Here’s the page with details on what businesses and transportation is possible with ECQ and GCQ:

The following article has a good overview of transportation and which industries are allowed to operate. Manila is currently in a state of Modified ECQ, and public transportation is not operating. Private vehicles however can operate:

Guidance concerning real estate transactions is as follows:

This means that for real estate, leasing is currently allowed, but Manila will need to shift to GCQ before buying and selling can commence. However, you can absolutely start your buying and selling process with us, and when the shift to GCQ occurs, we can complete the transaction.

It appears that Metro Manila will shift into GCQ on June 1, and the decision will be made the week of May 25.

At Re/Max Gold, if you would like to use our team to sell your property, or make a purchase, please contact us today at this link.

Here’s how we keep you and our team safe through the buying and selling process:

Buying & Selling Process:

Our agents are trained to perform with the

  1. BUYERS ( Buying your property with Re/Max Gold PH):
    1. Client Buyer registration form (attach pdf)
    2. Agent Assignment
    3. Letter of Intent to Purchase
    4. Inventory match-up

  2. SELLERS ( Selling your property with Re/max Gold)
    1. Client registration form
    2. Authority to Sell/Lease ( Exclusive or non-exclusive)
    3. Agent assignment
    4. Property inspection and checklist
    5. Database and website maintenance
    6. Lead generation